Marshals Of The Soviet Union - Original M1935 Uniform Cap

Bottom Row - Tukachevsky, Voroshilov, Yegorov, Top Row: Budyonni, Blyukher

The rank of Marshal of the Soviet Union was established by a decree of the Council of People's Commissars (The Cabinet) on September 22, 1935. The rank, the highest in the Soviet Union, was originally conferred on the five military people shown above who had gained their reputations during the Russian Civil War. Three of the original five were purged and executed in 1937-38. By 1945 only Klimenti Voroshilov and Semyon Budyonni, both old comrades in arms of Stalin, were still alive. This very rare cap belonged to one of the original five officers, probably Voroshilov. 


Kilmenti Voroshilov Wearing M1935 Marshal of The Soviet Union Cap

Georgi Zhukov Wearing M1935Marshal of The Soviet Union Cap