Stalin Congratulates Marshal Konev After 1944 Major Battle

General Ivan Konev was one of the USSR's greatest WWII military heroes, later promoted to Marshall of the Soviet Union, who led the Red Army forces on the Eastern Front during WWII. He helped liberate much of Eastern Europe from occupation by the Axis Powers, and his forces captured Germany's capital, Berlin. This is a rare March 10, 1944 decree from Stalin to Konev thanking his troops for their outstanding performance  during the March offensive in the Ukraine against the Uman axis. As a result of this operation, 14 German divisions suffered a smashing defeat. The document names generals who were particularly successful in the operation and gives the Honorific title of "Uman: to their units. It also announced that there will be an artillery salute in Moscow go honor the 2nd Ukrainian Front's victory over the Uman Khrisianovka Group of German troops. Typed on pre-WWII vintage maps of the area and signed, "Assistant Commander, Operational Department of the Headquarters of the 2nd Ukrainian Front, Captain Povda." Apparently it was typed on the first available scrap of paper as it was received by telegraph from Stalin in Moscow.

Unveiling of the monument of Marshall Ivan Konev on the 42nd Anniverary of the Liberation of Kraków, 1987

The same monument to Marshal Konev was torn down in Krakow in 1991 and reurned to Russia. The following year Konev was deprived of the title of honorary citizen of Kraków.