Khruschev & Kanganovich Accuse Officials  Of  "Non-Bolshevik" Behavior, 1947

Translation:     KIROVAGRAD To Obrkom Secretary (KP/B/U,  comrade Petrov Chairman of the Obilispokom Ishchenko, Official TsK and Soviet Ministers Comrade S?archenko(hand-written name) Korniets. We received you telegrammed response regarding grain collection.  The measures indicated to enable the fulfillment of your assignment are inadequate. To increase grain collection, you must take more concrete measures region by region,and in the regions, by the collective farms (kolkhozes). In this very last period of grain production, you must not allow the demagnetization of your yourselves, your cadres, but rather must toe the line of real bolshevik behavior in battling for the complete  and successful fulfillment of the Ukrainian grain collection  plan.  SECRETARY OF THE TsK KP/b/U   L. Kaganovich CHAIRMEN OF THE UkSSR SOVIET OF MINISTERS  N. Khrushchev =