FDR Signs Hopkins Place Card at Missy's Birthday Party

Ladies of FDR's White House Secretariat, 1940

This White House place card, embossed with the Presidential seal in gold, was signed by guests at Missy LeHand's birthday party on September 13, 1940. The place card belonged to Harry Hopkins, FDR's Special Assistant and was in front oh his place at the table. Written at the bottom in pencil Hopkins has written, "Missy's Birthday September 13 - 1940." The card bears the signatures of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Grace Tully, Victor Sholis, Samuel Rosenman, Missy, and Roberta "Red" Barrows. Missy was President Roosevelt's Confidential Secretary and Tully and Barrows were also Presidential secretaries. Sam Rosenman was one of FDR's speechwriters, and Victor Sholis was a regular in the White House. The signature in the upper left-hand corner of the card has not been identified.