MacArthur Sends Radio-Gram To Admiral "Bull" Halsey, 1942

Admiral Halsey and MacArthur worked closely together during the Pacific Campaign. Halsey's South Pacific forces drove northward through the Solomons to Bougainville while MacArthur's  South-West Pacific forces advanced up to the northeast New Guinea coast, landed on New Britain, and seized the Admiralties to cut the Japanese line of communications to their stronghold at Rabaul. All operations against Rabaul  after the Guadalcanal campaign were under MacArthur's command, with Halsey in direct command of the Allied land, sea and air forces in the South Pacific Area.  MacArthur radioed to Halsey, "To Admiral Halsey, Delighted to see you anytime." Signed, "MacA" Purchased from the estate of the late General LeGrande Diller.