Harry Truman Writes Personal Letter To John SnyderAbout Vacation Trip To Hawaii

President Truman  His Wife Bess With John Snyder

John W. Snyder served in WWI with Harry Truman and became one of his closest friends and advisers. After Truman Became President he appointed Snyder as Director of The Office of War Mobilization & Reconversion. In 1946 Truman appointed him Secretary of the Treasury, a position he held until the end of the Truman Administration. After Truman left the White House, he and his wife Bess visited Hawaii. On April 28, 1953 he sent a folksy hand-written letter to Snyder describing the foliage and insects on the island. Truman also visited a U.S.Naval Base and seemed surprised that he was given a 21-gun salute. This letter, signed "Harry" is a good example of the Former President's modesty. Truman signed autographed letter are relatively rare.