Communist Leader Ho Chi-Minh Invites British Official In 1946

In 1946, Peter  Simpson-Jones was the British Liaison Officer to Ho Chi-Minh's guerilla forces in Viet-Nam. Despite three attempts on his life, he became the respected interlocutur with Ho and witnessed the floundering American efforts to frustrate the French return to Indo-China which eventually led to the Viet-Nam War. This very rare letter from Ho to Simpson-Jones shows the extent to which the Vietnamese leader tried to please post-WWII allies. In English, dated May 11, 1946, signed, "Ho-Chi-Minh"

Peter Simpson-Jones was a British officer who served with the Royal Navy attached to Special Operations Executive in South Africa and with the Free French Navy in the English Channel and Mediterranean, 1941-1944. He served as government observer in French Indo-China in 1945