General MacArthur, His Wife & Son Sign a Philippine "Victory" Peso

The Philippine "Victory" note series was printed in 1944, to be used upon the return of General MacArthur to Luzon. When he came ashore in Leyte on Oct. 20th, 1944, he was purportedly carrying some of these in his pocket. They definitely brought many crates full of these notes with them during this landing.

The number 66 (for the series) was chosen because that was President Quezons age when he died just prior to the liberation of the Philippines. This note was signed by General MacArthur, his wife Jean, and young son Arthur MacArthur in 1944 as a souvenir for one of the General's staff members.  The "Victory" notes were printed at the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing. This note bears a facsimile signature of the late Philippine President Sergio Osmena.