FDR Teases His Law Partner Bail O'Conner

In the early 1920s Franklin D. Roosevelt and Basil O'Conner decided to open their own law practice and created the firm of Roosevelt & O'Conner. After FDR contracted polio, he and O'Conner created the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation, later to become the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis. O'Conner's genius was in generating large numbers of relatively small contributions for a cause. He appealed to Americans to "send your dime to President Roosevelt at the White House" for the fight against polio. At FDR's 50th birthday party at Hyde Park on January 30, 1932, Roosevelt presented this invitation to the President on which he playfullywrote, "Not a promissory note. Raise what you can on your own face - Your affectionate partner who does all the work." Signed, "FDR"