MacArthur Returns To Corregidor On PT-Boat, March 2, 1945

In March 1942, fearing that Corregidor would fall, and General Douglas MacArthur would be taken prisoner by the Japanese, President Roosevelt ordered him to go to Australia. He and his wife, Jean, and son, Arthur, left on a PT-Boat dodging Japanese submarines along the way. On March 2, 1945, after the Japanese had finally surrendered, MacArthur again returned to Corregidor on a PT-Boat commanded by Lt. J. Roberts. He was accompanied by Vice-Admiral Barby, Lt. General Krueger, Philipine Major General Valdez, and Philipine Brigadier General Romulo, Rear-Admiral Struble, and Brigadier General Kenney. This is the actual diary entry made by the PT-Boat Quartermaster, L.H. France, at the time of MacArthur's boarding and departure during the nostalgic return to Corregidor.