FDR Sends "Missy" LeHand Souvenir Of 1932 Convention Nomination

The 1932 Presidential election took place during the darkest days of the Great Depression. Five thousand  banks had failed by the end of 1932 and one-third of the nation's workers were unemployed. The Democrats, who had elected only one president since 1896, knew they had a great chance at victory and thus competition for the party's nomination was fierce. When FDR emerged victorious, he flew by plane to Chicago to accept the nomination in person, the first candidate ever to do so. He also sent this memento to his Personal Secretary and alleged mistress, Marguerite "Missy" Le Hand - a photograph showing him as he received a telephone call telling him he had won the nomination. The photograph is inscribed by FDR, "Friday Night, July 1, 1932, 'The Big News'" "For M.A.L. from FDR. At the bottom of the framed photograph another inscription has been printed in calligraphy, "Remembrance of the First Nomination for Missy"