General Heusinger's Eye-Witness Account Of Attempt On Hitler's Life (VALKYRIE)

This original signed manuscript is a first-hand account of the July 20, 1944  attempt to kill Adolf Hitler, code named "Operation Valkyrie." It was prepared  by Nazi General Adolf Heusinger for U.S. Army Captain Walter H. Gruendel, an investigator at the Nuremberg Trials. Heusinger was standing next to Hitler at "The Wolf's Lair" making a presentation, when the bomb exploded. The manuscript, dated November 1945, even includes the General's hand-drawn diagram  of the room and the seating arrangements for Hitler and his staff. The lengthy six-page document is entitled, "The Progression of Events of 20 July 1944," and also includes a list of all the people present in the Wolf's Lair when the attempt on Hitler's life took place. Five of the attendees were killed and Heusinger himselfwas badly wounded. He was arrested shortly after by the Gestapo but released after they could find no evidence to link him to the Von Stauffenberg plot to kill Hitler. Scroll all the way down to see the full English translation of this very rare historical document, signed in pencil by Heusinger.