General Patton Recommends G-3Colonel For Distinguished Service Medal

General Halley G. Maddox served in WWII as G3 for both the Seventh and Third Armies when commanded by General George S. Patton. Maddox was the crux and mainstay of combat operations and played an important role in Operation Torch, the Allied invasion of North Africa. This document, marked "Secret" is the authorization for the award of a Distinguished Service Medal to General Maddox for his outstanding contributions to the war in Europe. Dated November 19, 1944 and signed "G.S. Patton"

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Portrait of Major-General Halley Grey Maddox

MADDOX, HALLEY GREY Major-General * 29th of January 1899 † 26th of May 1977 PROMOTIONS 1941-12-24Lieutenant-Colonel (Army of the United States)1942-09-08Colonel (Army of the United States)1943-07-02Lieutenant-Colonel1944-11-14Brigadier-General (Army of the United States)1946-01-31Termination of rank Brigadier-General (Army of the United States)1948-03-11Colonel (Army of the United States)1949-07-25Brigadier-General (Army of the United States) SERVICE –1942-06-03 - Assistant Chief of Staff (G-3), 7th Armored Division1942-06-04–Assistant Chief of Staff (G-3), I Armored Corps [North Africa]Assistant Chief of Staff (G-3), 7th Army–1945-XX-XXAssistant Chief of Staff (G-3), 3rd Army–1947-06-30Chief of Staff, US Constabulary1947-07-01–1949-12-04Assistant Chief of Staff (G-3), 3rd Army1949-12-05–Commanding General camp Gordon, Georgia1953-08-XX–1954-05-XXCommanding General 25th Division1956-06-XX–1956-07-XXCommanding General VII Corps1956-08-02–1957-07-08Deputy Commanding General US Forces Army Europe–1959-XX-XXDeputy Commanding General 2nd Army1959-XX-XXRetire

General Maddox standing in back of General Patton at a battlefield in North Africa