Trotsky Calls Stalin "Bastard Of The Revolution", 1930

In 1929 , five years after Lenin's death, Stalin defeated Trotsky for control of the Communist Party and banished him from Russia. Trotsky spent most of the rest of his life in Mexico, where he was assassinated by a Stalinist agent. He wrote this postcard from Turkey on April 29, 1930 in French to his friend Gerard Rosenthal in Paris. The message reads in part: "I received others (letters) American and Italian; in the latter there is a picture 'Trotsky At Lenin's Funeral' - even though according to the text- one sees that he was not there - he was not in Moscow....From  a political and personal standpoint he is a bastard...The article on May 1st from R. is quite academic (polemic with the reformers) when it comes to calling the workers to the demonstration because May 1st  is not a Stalin day or something like this, Don't you think that I am right? We have received a lot of news from USSR. We have a wave of 'partisans' but at the same time there is a growth and one can say that things are not doing too bad, it is what was said in R's article.." When Lenin died of a reported stroke on January 21, 1924, Trotsky was traveling in the Caucuses, far from Moscow. Stalin, who was then aggressively consolidating his own power and influence, telegraphed Trotsky to suggest that he remain where he was, as it would be impossible to return in time for the funeral. This carefully orchestrated "snub" of the revered Soviet leader resulted in the wave of anti-Trotsky invective alluded to in the letter. At the time of writing, Trotsky was living on the island of Bűyűkada near Istanbul, his first refuge after his deportation from the Soviet Union in February 1929