Admiral Richmond Kelly Turner's Personal WWII Flag 

In 1942 Admiral Richmond Kelly Turner became Commander of Amphibious Forces in the Pacific. He was in command of the American landing at Guadalcanal on August 7, 1942 and directed the amphibious forces in the landings in New Georgia, where his flagship was sunk accidentally by an American PT boat.  Turner, who was known as "Terrible Turner" to the press, established an effective working relationship with Marine general Holland M. "Howlin Mad" Smith. Their first joint operation was the landing at Tarawa, where American casualties were unexpectedly high. However, Turner's report, "Lessons Learned At Tarawa" established the principles for all future Pacific landing operations. Turner commanded the Amphibious Force for most of these operations including those in the Marshalls, the Marianas, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa. When the war ended he was planning Operation Olympic, the invasion of Japan. This is the actual flag which flew from Admiral Kelly's flagship while it was anchored in Tokyo Bay during the signing of the Japanese Peace Treaty in 1945. It was his personal flag during most of the Pacific battles in WWII.

Admiral Kelly With Major-General Vandergrift During The Marshall Islands Campaign

Admiral Kelly Aboard His Flagship, 1944

Admiral Turner With U.S. Admirals & GeneralsAt The Japanese Peace Treaty Signing, 1945

Thanks your for your inquiry. As of March 1945, the USS El Dorado was Admiral Kelly Turner’s flagship. The USS McCawley had also been his flagship earlier in the war. Records also indicate he was aboard a “temporary flagship” in Tokyo Bay on September 2,, which may indicate a ship other than USS El Dorado. Good luck in your research. Mike Weidenbach Curator Battleship Missouri Memorial 63 Cowpens St. Honolulu, HI 96818 808-455-1600x235