Babe Ruth Thanks His Fishing Buddy Sam BraunWith An Inscribed Photograph, 1940s

Perhaps the most iconic figure in the history of baseball is George Herman "Babe" Ruth, the legendary slugger for the New York Yankees. Ruth began his career as one of the great pitchers in the league, but when he turned full time to hitting, he revolutionized the game. For several years, he hit more home runs than entire teams. Ruth had legendary tastes and appetites, but one of the things he loved to to do in his spare time was fish. He talked in his autobiography Babe Ruth's Own Book of Baseballhow he was as "funny looking a kid as ever got a trouncing for cutting class to go fishing." Ruth's fishing accomplishments made national news, as did most of what he did. It's hard to explain just how popular Ruth was--hardly a week went by during the 1920s and 1930s that did not see a feature article about him. This photograph was taken on Long Island, NY where the Babe spent the day on a fishing outing hosted by his friend, Sam Braun. The picture was purchased from Sam Braun's great-grand-daughter who describes below the circumstances under which the photograph was taken.