MacArthur With General Robert Eichelberger, Signed Photograph, 1944

General Robert Eichelberger commanded the Eighth Army in the South-West Pacific Area during WWII. In August 1942, Eichelberger was abruptly sent to the Southwest Pacific Area, where he led American and Australian troops in the bloody Battle of Buna–Gona. In 1944, he had notable victories at Hollandia and the Battle of Biak. As Commanding General of the newly formed Eighth Army, Eichelberger led the invasion of the Southern Philippines. In this photograph, signed by MacArthur, Eichelberger is driving the jeep. It is said that when MacArthur sent him to clear out Buna, he said to him, "Bob, I want you to take Buna, or not come back alive." He paused a moment, and then, pointed a finger. "And that goes for your chief of staff, too."